Bull O'The Woods - Studio Gear

Bull O' The Woods Recording Studio has a vast array of equipment for your recording needs, including guitars, bass, drums, and even vintage organs.

Click the hi-resolution photo link next to each piece of equipment listed below. (Pictures will open in a new window or tab.)

Here's a partial list of our equipment:

Recorders-multitrack HD
Mackie HDR24/96 (photo)
Fostex D2424LV (photo)

Recorders-multitrack MD
Tascam 564 (photo)

Recorders-multitrack ADAT
Alesis M20 (photo)

Fostex CR500 (photo)
Tascam CD-RW5000 (photo)

Recorders-2 track tape
Teac X1000-R reel/reel (photo)
Tandberg 3000X reel/reel (photo)
Sony TC-630D reel/reel (photo)

Glyph GLDP2-16X (photo)

Signal Processing-MFX
Digitech Studio Quad (photo)
Electrix MO-FX (photo)
Electrix Warp Factory (photo)
Antares AVP-1 Vocal Producer (photo)

Signal Processing-Dynamics
Presonus ACP-22 (photo)
Alesis 3630 (photo)

Mackie 24x8 BUS (photo)
Mackie HMX-56 Headphone Amp/Mixer (photo)
Gemini PMX-7 (photo)

Headphones (photo)
Audio Technica ATH-M50S
Sony MDR-V500
Sony MDR-V600
Sony MDR-V700 (2x)

Monitors-Mid Field (photo)
KRK S12 Subwoofer

Monitors-Near Field (no photo)
Alesis Monitor One

Preamps (photo)
Presonus Digimax 96K (2x)
Presonus Digimax 48K

Power Conditioning
Belkin F5C350 (2x)
Monster PRO2500

Power Amps
Alesis RA-100

Audio Technica AT4047/SV (2x) (photo)
Octava MK-012 (2x) (photo)
Shure SM57 (2x) (photo)
Peavey PVM 520i (photo)
Peavey PVM 580i (photo)
Peavey PVM 835 (photo)
American D5-T bullet (photo) (Restored by DJ's Custom Electronics)
Silvertone/Sonotone bullet (photo)

Yamaha EX-5 synth/sampler (photo)
Hammond B3 (1957) (photo)
Leslie 122 (1970) w/Goff Professional amp (photo) (Goff Professional)
Hammond M3 (1957) (photo)
Wurlitzer 4019 (1970) (photo)

PRS Hollowbody II w/LR Baggs Piezo (photo)
Heritage H150-CM (photo)
Fender Strat Plus (photo)
Fender MIM Strat-Robert Cray Signature w/custom shop pickups (photo)
Rickenbacker 620 (photo)
G & L Comanche (photo)
Parker P38 Standard (photo)
Kay/Silvertone Thinline (1960) (photo)
1993 Charvel (photo)
1993 Gibson BluesHawk (photo)

Takamine 340 “Lawsuit” (1974) (photo)
Seagull S6 Folk (photo)
Oscar Schmidt Autoharp 21 chord (photo)

Gretsch Catalina Ash (5 piece) (photo)

Guitar Amplifiers
Fender Blues DeVille 2x12 (photo)
Fender Princeton Chorus 2x10 stereo (photo)
Mesa Boogie Stiletto Ace 2x12 (photo)

Other Equipment
Hosa ODL-312 SPDIF-AES converter
Sony PS-T2 turntable w/Shure M91E (photo)
Thorens TD150 MkII AB turntable
Sony CDP-C445 CD Player
Viewsonic M70B Video Monitor
Signalflex PB-32 patchbay
Korg DTR-2 tuner

We Look Forward to Working With You!

Take a look around our site, check out our equipment in our virtual tour, and then give us a call or send us an e-mail for more information. We look forward to working with you and your vision on your project.

Bull O' the Woods Recording Studio is located in a picturesque setting of pines and rolling, rural hills, away from the distractions of the big city about mid-way between Newport, Washington and Spokane, Washington.